The French excellence of fencing equipment

Who are we?

Founded in 1788, PRIEUR is THE French brand entirely dedicated to fencing equipment. The equipment is manufactured in the heart of Burgundy and distributed all over the world.

Its expertise and know-how with innovative research are combined to meet the expectations of fencers of all levels. The company's primary concerns are safety, reliability, comfort and elegance!

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All our products are made with noble raw materials, chosen with care. The weapons, the masks, the outfits are tested by our technicians and our champions before being marketed since your safety is our priority.

Quality, comfort, elegance

Nothing is left to chance in PRIEUR. Quality of fabrics made in France and carefully selected, manufacturing process and 100% quality control in our workshops. Permanent search for the best compromises to offer fencers the best comfort and ergonomics.

Reliability, durability

Our traditional manufacturing methods in France, and our great secular experience guarantee you optimum reliability and durability for life of all our products.

PRIEUR, a worldwide notoriety

Always known in the fencing world, the PRIEUR brand is usually associated with events around the world:

prieur sports mariage

Miss Universe or when fencing is brought to a beauty contest!

On the occasion of the Miss Universe 2017 in Las Vegas, Miss France, a fencer, asked Prieur to make part of her costume.

In collaboration with the jewellery Swarovski and the Paris fashion company «On aura tout vu», PRIEUR specially made a mask and a sword showing how fencing is at the top of French elegance and refinement.

FIE prieur sports

On the 105th Anniversary of the International Fencing Federation at the legendary Grand Palais in Paris:

PRIEUR has been able to express its creativity by proposing a extravagant fencing outfit on the theme of the future; the opportunity especially for the brand to test new technical materials and colourful proposals to delight not only fencers but also the general public.

As for the mask, it was simply revolutionary: futuristic both by its lines and by the possibility it offered to see the faces and emotions of the fighters. Is this THE mask for the future?

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PRIEUR, its distributors, its ambassadors in the world:

By surrounding itself with strong and representative actors in their countries, PRIEUR can rely on its distributors to convey its values with passion, advise and accompany the shooters by providing them the best service.

If you are also interested in representing our brand in your country, do not hesitate to contact us.

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A history of more than 2 centuries:

Since 1788, PRIEUR continues to reinvent itself and surprise. First with the transition from combat fencing to sports fencing on the occasion of the renewal of the Olympic Games. Thanks to the shared passion of the successive leaders and their teams, PRIEUR has become THE reference brand. It is a brand designed for and by fencers with the ambition to reinvent the fencing of tomorrow.


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Our activities

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Manufacturer of fencing equipment

PRIEUR is specialised in the manufacture of fencing equipment. The only generalist manufacturer offering French products, PRIEUR develops its range of products in order to offer the fencer all the elements he/she needs while respecting its three key values: safety, elegance and comfort

There are many fencing rooms equipped by PRIEUR in the world. Indeed, PRIEUR has the competence to assist the fencing clubs in the preparation of their weapons rooms.

Whether for national and international competitions or the Olympic Games, PRIEUR's expertise is recognized worldwide. (Presence at 5 Olympic Games, Junior Cadet World Championship in Bourges 2016, Mediterranean Games in Tarragone in 2018, Military Championship in Nancy in 2018, and many World Cups.)

Our customers and distributors testify

Through the various testimonials, you will be able to attest to the appreciation and commitment of our customers and distributors to the PRIEUR brand.

Liz B

We received the glove right on time and zak. absolutely loves il He says «it smells like a Louis vuitton luggage and the leather feels lik.e a Bentley's car Leather seat, but faster» About the glove 1060 in leather

Liz B Loyal American customer


Since the beginning of my career, I have always worn PRIEUR's clothing. I confirm the superior quality of all the equipment with its value for money! It is the durability of its use when it is most perceived. PRIEUR is the companion of all fencers. All my great champions have worn PRIEUR with RIBOUD, BOISSE, FLESSEL, SRECKI etc. When you try it, you adopt it!

Daniel LEVAVASSEUR, «le Maestro» Sword Weapon Master


We have known and worked with PRIEUR since 2017. The high quality of all of their products, the sheer elegance of their outfits really speak for themselves and the brand presence has been steadily expanding in Italy with growing satisfaction both ours and of our customers. We are proud to be members of the PRIEUR family and eager to continue to work together for more succecces!

Manuela and Fabio, Top Fenclng italy Distributor in Milano, Italy

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Didier Contrepois

General Manager

Passionate of fencing since my childhood, it is a privilege for me to witness, with all my team, the development and the influence of the brand Prieur in the world! It is also a great responsibility to be the guarantor of the French industrial know-how that has made PRIEUR THE reference brand for centuries. Our daily challenge is to keep the expertise acquired by our predecessors, while resolutely turning towards the future and the modernity of our offers.


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